Coaching with Chay

Client Love

“Chay has always exuded a kind of magic! I think back on many chats with her and even if it was just a quick hello, it was always warm, heartfelt, and made me feel special. Chay is, without a doubt, a light in the world, a beacon of hope and inspiration, a kind and gentle listener who always gives wise and purposeful advice (sometimes by saying nothing at all!) Chay brought closure to a difficult year for us all in a beautifully emotional way. Not 1 person left the room without a positive stirring in their hearts and a feeling of worthiness. It was very cathartic and healing for all individuals to reflect on the year and to be inspired to move forward with hope and a reminder to take care of ourselves.”
“When I started working with Chay,I was trying to be more balanced and centred and live a life of joy and fulfilment. I expected to be held in kindness, encouragement, and love – and I was! The biggest change I have witnessed in myself since I began coaching is an awareness of the motivations behind my actions and a gentle holding of my true and sacred self. Coaching took me in directions I never had imagined. What I worked on with Chay bi-monthly beautifully wove its way into my daily life and helped me to not only recognise but honour those parts of myself which led me to great joy, happiness, and fulfilment. Identifying my core values and aligning my life to them was a game-changer. My coaching experience in 3 words is Blossoming – Joyful – Kind.”
Chay leaves an imprint on everyone she meets, online or in person. She has an astonishing capacity for Love with a capital L! Chay works from a place of her own deep knowing, she offers a safe space to land for those of us who need the support of a Coach to guide them to achievements of their dreams. When Chay and I first connected I was in recovery from burnout. I had spent a year working on my health and well-being and was ready to take the next steps in creating a life that deeply nourished me. My wish was that Chay could be witness to the changes and decisions I was making. The experience exceeded my expectations! Chay has a calmness that is hard to encapsulate into words. She is incredibly present, and as her Client, you can feel that. I am certain I wouldn’t have achieved anywhere near as much as I did without Chay’s expert guidance, support, wisdom and understanding. I remember being so astonished in our last session, as just how far I had come. It’s magic! The space Chay creates deeply encourages listening to your truth. She has deep listening skills and gave me the space and time to talk about what I was aiming for. The ability to listen that intently and understand fully is a very subtle art form. Since our coaching series, I have witnessed my capacity for self-care, prioritised my own needs and am being really clear on my values as the corner stones of my life and taking the time each day to reflect on those and make any adjustments needed so that I am living the truly authentic life I dreamt of. I have gone from burnout recovery to self-advocacy. I have leaned fully into my intuition and spirituality and feel so much stronger for it. I have been reminded of my core self and now live from that space. My coaching experience with Chay in three words is: life-changing, nourishing, held. Chay’s Coaching is a Masterclass in all her skills, personality, and capacity for Love.
Systemic Therapist & Coach |
"The universe gave me a nudge and I sent Chay a message. I was going to go back to work fulltime after a two-year break. I wanted to find balance in life and work, and I wanted to feel present in my heart - I wanted to stop overthinking and LIVE! After our first session I felt ready and excited to start with my actions. Chay made me feel at ease from the start and feeling feelings is not so scary anymore. I now know how to create boundaries and I realised that self-care is not selfish care. You can’t pour from an empty cup. My heart is full. I am so grateful for this experience, and I can’t wait to see Chay’s business grow! I would describe my coaching experience with Chay as: Growth. Change. Balance.”
Business administrator
I started working with Chay as I was facing the empty nest syndrome, had lost a fur baby and was investing all my time at work and in home chores. I was basically burned out and needed to find myself again. There was a sense of peace and calm when I stepped into Chay’s room. I had been anxious about starting coaching, but she understood my body language and I could connect with Chay. What I wanted from coaching was to allow myself to be who I am and not live up to others’ expectations of me. Chay allowed my feminine energy to flourish and helped me remember who I am. I started to believe in my own worth. I loved our chats about life. My cup is full. I am approaching situations with a calm mind and have more self-compassion. I am finding joy in everyday things and am being authentic, spending time in accordance with my priorities and values. Three words to describe my coaching experience with Chay: Be The Light! I now know that no one is me and that is my POWER.
MBR Business Owner
Chay has been a Friend, Confidante, Counsellor and Coach to my daughter Sammy-Skye and I for some years. We value every encounter with her for its wisdom, gentleness, humour and simplicity. Chay adds the new growth and hope of spring to wintery moments of life, and sunflowers to ⁿsummer. She is naturally gifted at this, but also has extensive teaching and counselling experience, and focussed training which gives her a depth of knowledge and perception that is rare and wonderful. She offers a beautiful environment in which to share your story and her calm, grounded energy makes it easy to relax and chat openly. Chay is also a fearless eco-warrior, and when she taught high school youngsters, she imparted a sense of earth justice to those who were receptive, and trained students to discern issues of importance and relevance to their own futures. Chay truly changes lives for the better. She is happy to walk beside you on your journey, holding your values close and priotecting your sanity and sense of self; picking flowers and planting seeds and keeping the world the right way up, as you go.
3 words to describe this awesome workshop: Nourishing, Inspiring, Beautiful. I was feeling rather emotional in a sense too as I felt such a connection to what this was all about. I think we can totally lose ourselves in the throes of this busy life and forget what we stand for and who we really are. When you encouraged us to dig deeper into our hearts, we slowly realised that person we thought was lost, is somewhere deep in there and just needs a reaching hand – You are that reaching hand, Chay. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to engage in such an amazing and meaningful workshop with you, and not one of us left there without feeling a little more appreciated, a little more loved and feeling our own self-worth a little more. The amount of effort, love, and positive energy you put into the workshop and to each person you engage with is beyond measure. Thank you for all the beauty, love and hope you bring to others. Some love from the admin team: “Thank you so much for organizing for Chay to come and do the workshop. It was beautiful, fun and creative. I loved working on our values and that we could celebrate each other and the values we as individuals have, that was special.” Roxanne “For me the values part stood out. We do have values but what we live by stood out for me. Chay also made me feel that I matter, that I am important. Look after yourself first so you can be healthy to look after your loved ones.’ LeLaney “I really loved the bit of writing down on those cards - not that I'm very wordy at all - so very short and sweet, but the concept of looking at another person and letting them know what you see in them as a strength. And, to hear what other people think of you!!!” Lyn
Team Manager | Kei-Med Admin Team Workshop of 10 Ladies