Coaching with Chay

Heart centered life coach for big hearted
mid-life women.

My mission is to support your journey back to your heart.

Where self-love, self-compassion, and self-belief live.

Hello Beautiful Woman

I am so glad you are here. This is a safe, nurturing, and brave space. You might also get just a little inspired to show up for yourself!

I am Chay and I want to thank you for being here looking for ways to support yourself. I believe that the world needs more women who are grounded in self-love and living lives to the tune of their own hearts. What feels true to them. The ripple impact of that is something I dream about.

Women who give a lot to others and the world around them (does this sound like you?) often find it difficult to put themselves first. So, I want to say that you can be proud of yourself for taking this first step by having a look at my website.

I am a self-love life coach for women who are ready to lovingly reconnect with themselves.

To realign with what’s most important to them (values).

To rebloom in ways that feel beautiful and true to who they are now.

My Three Core Values

These are my guiding posts and things I ground into. They guide my business and my life.


Love is at my center, and it is what I want for my clients. Love is the light that the world needs. I always ask, “What would love do?”


Beauty is my connection to nature and how beauty inspires us to feel joy. A woman who feels beautiful is a powerfully kind woman.


Hope is an action which I practice each day. I believe that if we lean into hope, we can courageously make decisions for a better life for ourselves and the world

“The universe gave me a nudge and I sent Chay a message. I was going to go back to work fulltime after a two-year break. I wanted to find balance in life and work, and I wanted to feel present in my heart - I wanted to stop overthinking and LIVE! After our first session I felt ready and excited to start with my actions. Chay made me feel at ease from the start and feeling feelings is not so scary anymore. I now know how to create boundaries and I realised that self-care is not selfish care. You can’t pour from an empty cup. My heart is full. I am so grateful for this experience, and I can’t wait to see Chay’s business grow! I would describe my coaching experience with Chay as: Growth. Change. Balance”

Inke Business Administrator